C. Wheatstone Company Personnel In 1921

Wes Williams

The recent release of data from the 1921 British Census on the Find-My-Past website provides a unique opportunity to identify the personnel involved with C. Wheatstone and Co., then at 16,West St., Charing Cross Rd., W.C. 2. The new style census forms required data on every employed person’s employer and their working address, and were filled in by a member of each household, usually the household head.

Although all the form entries have been transcribed, there are frequent errors in these transcriptions, so all data presented has been checked and corrected based on interpretation of the data in the original handwritten forms.

The company owners at this time were Edward Chidley (1858-1941) and his brother Percy (1863-1949).

Edward Chidley was away from home at the time of the census, and is listed in Herne Bay, Kent, with his daughter Dorothy and her husband Henry Millis. All three were originally listed as visitors, but Henry Millis – the first person listed on the form – has the inscription for visitor struck out, and replaced by head. This may suggest a family holiday.

Percy Chidley is listed as a boarder at Edward’s home address in Chiswick, with Edward’s wife, Jessie Marie, listed as the head of the household. He is unmarried.

The following table lists known Wheatstone employees in the census in alphabetical surname order, with their age, a description of their employment, and the district where they resided. All factory based employees lived within a 5-mile radius. The two Chidleys listed are Edward Chidley’s children.


Name Age Employment Description Residence
Daniel Beak 30 Concertina Maker – Metal Worker Camberwell
Alfred Beazley 46 Woodworker, Concertina Maker Battersea
Charles W Briant 25 Musical Instrument Maker Fulham
Gifford Marcus Chidley 24 Concertina Maker Chiswick
Kenneth Vernon Chidley 29 Works Manager Ealing
Arthur W Clark 54 Concertina Finisher and Overseer Wandsworth
John Henry Derry 63 Concertina Reed Tuner Limehouse
Lillian E Edgar 16 Concertina Bellows Maker St Pancras
Alfred George 18 Concertina Maker Willesden
George Henry Green 48 Free Reed Fitter, Voicer and Fine Tuner (At Home) Lewisham
George Hearn 17 Concertina Maker St Anne, Westminster
Ivy Kindell 22 Concertina Maker St Pancras
Edward Leland 55 Steel Reed Maker and Tuner (At Home) Ilford
Wilfred John Newell 20 Concertina Maker Lewisham
Archibald James Pendrill 27 Wood Worker, Concertina Work St Pancras
Edward Charles Rutterford 70 Carpenter Paddington
Ernest Rutterford 27 Instrument Maker (Electrical) Paddington
Walter Charles Roden 55 Woodworker, Concertina Making Lewisham
George Sheward 23 Concertina Maker Southwark
Louis John Sorrell 16 Concertina Maker Lewisham