Scholarly articles related to all aspects of the concertina

Editor: Allan Atlas
Item Number Author Title Posting Date
8 Christopher Malley and Nym Cooke The Hughes Family: British Entertainers in Mid-Nineteenth-Century America 26 September 2021
7 Eric Matusewitch The Concertina and “The Princess” 2 April 2019
6 Eric Matusewitch Rolly Rolls: “The Merry Parisian” 23 February 2019
5 Henrik A. Müller “No Thumb Straps, No Finger Rests, but it IS an English: A Personal Journey” 20 November 2018
4 Göran Rahm “The English Concertina and the Dilemma of the Fourth Finger: An Ergonomic View” 22 September 2018
3 Allan Atlas “The English Concertina and Finger 4: Four Victorian Views” 30 April 2018
2 Allan Atlas “A Richard Blagrove Letter at the Royal Academy of Music” 14 December 2017
1 Chris Algar,
Stephen Chambers,
Robert Gaskins,
David Lee,
Randall C. Merris,
Wes Williams
“Charles Jeffries and His Sons: Concertina Makers” 11 March 2017