We welcome the submission of articles, brief reports, current events and items for review to The Concertina Journal.

  • Please send copies of items for review (CDs and books) to the Review Editor, Roger Digby, at this address:
    Hoppits. Rams Farm Rd. Fordham. Essex. CO6 3HR.
    United Kingdom.
  • Public notices of current events may be entered in the template on the Current Chronicle page. Comments and suggestions about items of current interest covered in the Current Chronicle may be sent to the Editor of the Current Chronicle, Dan Worrall, or directly to the various Country Correspondents, listed on that page.
  • Scholarly Articles and Brief Notes about concertina-related subjects can be sent to the editor of Articles, Allan Atlas, and of Brief Notes, Randall Merris. For those items, please use the format described below.

NOTES TO CONTRIBUTORS for articles and brief notes

  1. Articles should be submitted in Word format, double spaced, and in 11-point Times New Roman (lengthy quotations should be in 10-point, indented, and single spaced). Each page should include a header in the upper right corner with author’s name, abbreviated title of article, and pagination.
  2. Footnotes should appear at the FOOT of the page, with citations as follows:
    1. for an article in a journal: Harry Bradshaw, “Johnny Patterson: The Rambler from Clare,” Dal gCais: Journal of Clare, 6 (1982), 76; if a volume of a journal consists of multiple numbers, add the issue number after the volume (thus 26, no. 3); for journals that appear more than once a year, but that paginate each issue anew, add month or season before the year.
    2. for an article in a collection of essays or an encyclopedia: Allan W. Atlas “Who Bought Concertinas in the Winter of 1851? A Glimpse at the Sales Accounts of Wheatstone & Co.,” in Nineteenth-Century British Music Studies, 1. Music in 19th-Century Britain. Ed. Bennett Zon (Aldershot: Ashgate, 1999), 55-87.
    3. for a book: Susan Wollenberg, Music at Oxford in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001), 171.
    4. IN ALL CASES: after the first citation, use author’s surname and short title only: Bradshaw, “Johnny Patterson,” 75.
  3. Illustrations, tables, diagrams, music examples, etc., will eventually be submitted in two forms:
    1. for the editing process – they should be placed at the end of the article, with their appropriate captions included in the body of the text at the locations where they should appear; the caption should then be repeated with the item itself; music examples should be set with one of the standard music notation software programs, for example, Finale, Sibelius, and MuseScore;
    2. for posting – these items should be submitted as separate files, with illustrations as high-resolution JPEGs, and tables, diagrams, and music examples as PDF or PNG files.
  4. Authors must obtain permission to use copyrighted material and submit such permission in writing.
  5. Spelling and punctuation. Authors may use spelling and punctuation in accord with their “local usage.”