Old Pal 2018 Concertina Workshops

If your New Year’s resolution is to play more concertina…
…then join us for the concertina workshops at the Old Pal music festival in Palestine, TX!
What: A music festival full of workshops, concerts, jamming, friendship and above all FUN!
Who: We are excited to welcome Jody Kruskal back as our instructor this year! Jody specializes in old-time music and will be offering classes both at beginner and advanced levels, making this a great experience for concertinists of all levels.
When: The festival will open with a concert on the evening of Thursday, March 22 and run all day Friday-Saturday on the 23rd and 24th.
Where: The Museum for East Texas Culture located at 400 Micheaux Street, Palestine TX

Workshops, sessions, concerts:
Workshops are offered for many old time instruments as well as singing (including Sacred Harp). The concertina workshops will be on Friday and Saturday, and will include:
· Beginning the concertina, with Jody Kruskal: two sessions
· Intermediate/advanced concertina, with Jody Kruskal: focus on chorded style, two sessions
· Master Class, with Jody; one session.
· Irish tunes, with Dan Worrall and Erica Braverman. Revisit tunes from Ann Kirrane’s workshop last year, and learn some new tunes from the north Clare repertoire. One session.
Sessions, mostly featuring old-time and old-timey music, occur at all hours of day and evening. Musicians with various instruments (including Appalachian and hammered dulcimers, fiddles, banjos, etc.) are very welcoming and the sessions are accessible to all. This has always been the main strength of Old Pal.
Concerts occur every day at lunchtime and in the evening. Jody will be one of a myriad performers, in a homey turn of the (last) century former auditorium.

Important info:
Learn more about Jody and his music at https://www.jodykruskal.com/.
Please visit the Old Pal website at http://www.oldpalmusic.com/Home.html to learn more about the festival and this year’s performers.
Find more information on lodging and activities in Palestine here http://www.visitpalestine.com/.
You can also search the concertina.net forums for the word “Palestine” for reports of workshops in previous years. This is our fourteenth year of concertina workshops at this great festival!
PLEASE NOTE that there is a charge of $35.00 in addition to the festival admission price for all participants in the concertina workshops. This fee helps our instructors to cover their travel costs.

We want to hear from you!
To help make this a great festival for everyone, we want your input! Please email danworrall@msn.com or eabraverman@gmail.com with the following information to assist us in meeting your needs or to ask us any questions you may have.
1) Are you planning to attend this year’s festival (either definitely or tentatively)?
2) Are you more interested in attending beginner or intermediate/advanced level workshops? If you have questions about which level you should register for, please let us know and we can assist you!
3) Would you be interested in participating in a group masterclass with Jody?
Thank you and we hope to see you at Old Pal!