Site Launch

The Concertina Journal is a new online magazine that provides an opportunity for publication of articles related to all aspects of the concertina. This nineteenth-century musical instrument has a small but dedicated following of aficionados from locations that range from the UK and Ireland to Australia, South Africa, Germany, and the Americas, among others. In its various forms, the concertina appears in genres ranging from classical to deeply rooted traditional music to contemporary pop. The new journal gives voice to this great diversity by providing space for scholarly articles, both long and short, each of which is peer-reviewed and edited to academic standards. In addition, a Current Chronicle will invite reflections on present-day concertina playing around the world, while the Reviews section will carry reviews of books and recordings.

The Journal’s founding editors include Allan Atlas, Roger Digby, Randall Merris, and Dan Worrall, each with a long list of publications and involvement with concertina-related activities in the UK and the US. Invited “country correspondents” in the first launch include Tim Collins, Ireland; Stephaan van Zyl, South Africa; and Harry Scurfield, Great Britain. A true online journal, articles are published as they are edited and reviewed, without waiting for arbitrary issue dates or print deadlines. The contributors, including Webmaster Alex Holden, are all volunteers, and they invite colleagues around the globe to submit articles for publication. There are no subscription fees.